Real Time Assistance

A completely web remote assistance system

All you need is a web browser and you will be connected (audio, video, scene annotations, chat, screen sharing, ...) with a remote person, you can communicate or give assistance.
A simple and efficient system that allows you to save travel expenses, speed up assistance and limit expenses. It does not require additional SW or plugins. The assistance platform is designed to provide remote real-time support, ideal for every sector, from production to that of domestic systems up to the medical sector.

  • Completely web based and without the use of programs to be downloaded locally
  • Ability to interact with virtual and "augmented" annotations during video assistance
  • Screen sharing by those providing assistance to the client
  • Transmission of documents during assistance (bidirectional)
  • Use of the internal chat system
  • Possibility of interaction with Linkersys modules (Ticketing and Help Desk Management for example)
  • Audio / video recording of the interventions
  • Real-time sharing of annotated snapshots
  • Possibility to use Epson Moverio BT-350 and Mcrosoft Hololens2 glasses for assistance
  • Management of system users with various privileges
  • Management of annotations at the end of each intervention
  • Multi-user management that provides assistance (for example different specialized personnel connected to the same session)
  • Ability to send URLs that allow you to remotely open web links in other tabs
  • Use of RTA behind natted or restricted networks
  • Designed to add servers to improve load balancing in the event of a large number of users
  • Prepared for connection to an external OAUTH2 authentication system
  • The solution can also run within the Linkersys AR APP