Zazzeri SpA

An ever-expanding strategic partnership with Desys in the area of PDM

To implement a PDM/PLM solution, importing DB and metadata from another system present in the company

Besides the management of  E-commerce, ocument management, technical assistance with clients/distributors for After-sale organization, Rubinetterie Zazzeri SpA confirmed its trust in Desys also in the area of PDM by adopting SolidRules Incentro.

A storied company in the production of faucets, Zazzeri has been able over the years to achieve a place of prominence as being among the best companies in the sector. Utilization of high-quality materials, attention to detail, and, above all, particular care given to design, are the cornerstones of success of Zazzeri, which, over time, has become synonymous with style and reliability.

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