Car Bench SpA

The development of the new web portal made communication with suppliers simpler and more dynamic

Car Bench wanted to acquire a web portal to innovate its After-sale services, and bring a new image to the company worldwide with an E-commerce system for the sale of software connected to its equipment.

This partnership grew and solidified over time, allowing the achievement of ambitious goals on multiple fronts.

The most successful project is certainly linked to the development of the new web portal, constructed entirely on the Linkersys web platform. A dynamic portal of great impact for end-users, and easier to use for distributors throughout the world, innovating After-sale services and that part of E-commerce regarding software connected to equipment.

For this reason, and for many others, collaboration with Desys is for Car Bench a source of pride and satisfaction.

“Considering the peculiarities of our sector, and our consequent necessities, I can affirm that our path traveled together with Desys has brought our company a new and modern image, thanks to the web portal.”

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