The birth of iService, the new multimedia platform. A renewed usability, coming from technological evolution thanks to Linkersys technology

The conviction of offering through its net service around the world a complete and technologically advanced tool, where all information connected to After-sale could be found.

Once again, the Kohler group redefines standards of customer service. iService is born, the new multimedia platform, which combines the traditional tool of consulting technical manuals with a renewed usability coming from technological evolution, thanks to Linkersys technology.

An innovative solution uniting efficiency and effectiveness of information, a single environment containing everything regarding After-sale of Kohler Engines: use and maintenance manuals, technical manuals, spare-parts catalogues, and the entire area devoted to warranty. The system, moreover, offers the possibility of performing training-on line (Distance Learning) and to verify one’s acquired competency with its system of automatic evaluation.

The system, currently only available for the KDI engine, will be progressively extended to the entire family of diesel and gas engines of Kohler Engines.

The platform, conceived for responding to the needs of both service via the net and those of the end-user, contains interactive contents which can be readily consulted, and can be easily navigated by PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Lombardini chose for this project SAP and its partner Desys, for a number of reasons. First of all, the simplicity of interfacing: already having SAP as a management extension of its services, including its technical documentation, it was simpler and quicker. Further, as a platform, it offered many services, like the possibility of having distance learning/training, thereby innovating the service to customers. Finally, the possibility of uploading high-definition renderings of technical documentation, the spare-parts tables, and the tutorial videos.

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