What's new in Desys


Innovative Projects

NEOLITE - Nuove tEcnologie elettrOniche di aLimentazione In ambientTe ostilEThe goal of the project is to conceive, design and develop a new generation of COTS-based Power Supply Systems able to work in very hostile conditions, such as intense magnetic fields and ionizing radiations. The aim is to go beyond the technological limits of the infrastructure used in:  existing physics experiments for the detection of high energy elementary particles for the study of matter (notably the CERN L...

Brembo SpA

Brembo SpA, the world leader in the design, development and production of braking systems for autos and motorbikes, adopted the Linkersys solution as a visual and collaborative web platform for its production plants. The 3D of the plants has become "intelligent" thanks to our 2D and 3D visual documentation technology. The documentation of the plants became completely visual in order to break down every cultural and linguistic barrier within the World Wide establishments of Brembo: navigation thr...
Brembo SpA

VR Ready to use

Would you like to "immerse yourself" in your 3D projects through the use of More3D Virtual Reality technologies? Bring your 3D generated assemblies with any 3D CAD, and within a few minutes we will insert it into our Virtual Reality systems, projecting your project on:- 3D Projector- Zwall- 3D TV Moreover, we will allow you to feel the experience of "stepping into" your project through the use of Oculus Rift visors. The system reads your position, and by moving your body, with the aid of a joys...

SSAP Certification

In August of 2015, Desys received the prestigious SAP Partner Center of Expertise certification. This complex certification covers our processes, services, and personnel, respecting the requirements for providing support to SAP products (Enterprise Support), in particular the SAP 3DVisual Enterprise technology.

Partnership More3D

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the German firm More3D (in attachment is the press release). Starting from today, we will be able to lend still greater value to your 3D projects thanks to this truly amazing stereoscopic technology, which can function with different types of hardware: 3D projectors, 3D TV, 3D Vision, etc.