Ticketing requests for visual assistance


We have also made Linkersys Help Desk "visual"

Interaction with the system can be of the traditional kind, that is, once the Helpdesk category has been chosen and the spaces necessary for opening the ticket have been filled in, the Helpdesk process is triggered (automatic mailings to the interested parties and back-end resolution of the problem, with a response to the user who opened the ticket), but it can also be visual, that is, the user can click on the 3D component and open the ticket, receiving all of the information regarding that component (code number, description, etc.). 

Individuating the right interlocutor is the first step towards a rapid resolution of the problem. It will thereafter be enough to refer to the ticket number that was automatically assigned by the system to know the details of the problem and its current stage of resolution. 

A lightening of the load on the human resources daily employed at Help Desk.