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Our E-Learning module is a simple LMS (Learning Management System), capable of making available to companies an effective and efficient tool for company training. It makes it possible to create personalized training courses, attach didactic documentation, create didactic questionnaires and quizzes, and issue certificates of attendance and of aptitude based on the trainees' results.

The training courses are realized by fully utilizing the visual documentation created with the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise systems. The essential concept is that of giving the users the possibility of learning through images, videos, 3D interactive animations, and, at times, with the assistance of interaction with Augmented Reality. All of this available on the principal devices and operating systems, such as PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones, thanks to HTML5 web technology.

The most immediate advantages for those clients who have adopted our E-Learning system are:

  • Standardization of training: a single training approach for all clients, and a consequent uniformity in the level of knowledge of their personnel.
  • Reduction in costs: reducing to a minimum both travel expenses and time lost in travel; in fact, a reduced obligation connected to the necessity of travelling can guarantee that the trainers spend more time on site at the company, with the consequent advantages in terms of optimization of human resources.
  • Increase in the level of learning due to the resources furnished by the interactive nature of the system and by the channels of communication. The possibility of inserting films, animations, and other interactive resources, increases exponentially the learning capacity of the student, rendering the teaching process more powerful and efficient. Moreover, it is possible to objectively measure the level of learning reached at the end of every training process.
  • Ease and rapidity of updating: the content of various courses can be constantly and rapidly updated, without the need of having to go back over all of the material again, and quickly and efficiently distributed.
  • Autonomy in the management of training courses as regards time and place. The possibility of learning anywhere: in classrooms inside the company, at the worksite of the trainee, or anywhere else. The possibility of learning exactly what is needed when it is needed.