Digital Product Management

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Digital Product Management

A digital product? 3D digital mock-ups, 2D designs, renderings, photos, PLM (Product Lifecycle Management CAD, CAM, CAE, and PDM), the web, manuals, brochures, and many other things!

Digital Product Management (DPM) is precisely this; a set of technologies that will permit you to best manage the information, processes, and resources relating to all aspects of product support, from the product's conception, to its development and production, to its launch on the market (web brochures and presentations, including interactive 3D), and finally to after sale service (spare parts management, maintenance instructions which could also be interactive 3D, manuals). 

The management of digital products is not simply an information technology, but is rather an integrated strategic approach, based on a set of technologies, on methodologies of organization of collaborative work, and on the definition of processes surrounding both the creation of a product and its entire lifecycle. 

Thanks to the well-established PLM technologies utilized, to a refined management of visual documentation and to sophisticated web technologies, with over 16 years of experience working together with numerous companies, including important multinationals, our solution for the management of digital products is truly unique. 

Ask for one of our demos; we have set up a true digital factory at our company site (Digital Product Factory). Our personnel will work together in the creation of a digital product using CAD (we design the digital 3D mock-up), CAE (we perform the structural calculations), PLM (we manage the BOM, design processes, integration with ERP, etc.), Visual Documentation (we realize the renderings, technical illustrations, and the 3D instructions for production and after sale), and WEB (we create the website, the product catalog, and the area reserved for after sale management: e-commerce, spare parts, maintenance management, technical manual service) technologies.

We will show you how our web technology handles data in different languages, and we can demonstrate how to maintain or modify product information in a centralized web catalog, to have available at any time updated and integrated information upon request, with PLM, ERP, or CRM, and at a low cost. The information can be shared both inside and outside the company, being available for customers, partners, and distribution channels. 

Our digital product management solution: finally, a single approach to the management of all of your product information!