From CAD to PLM, all of the integrated processes


One of the key points of our company know-how is the special consideration that we give to the creation of 3D digital design prototypes.

The necessities of innovation, collaboration, and reduction in management time concerning the complexity of product development are common to all manufacturing companies, large and small. To more easily cope with this reality, Desys has come up with iSolutionDesign, a specially conceived tool which carries the Siemen’s Solution Partner PLM certification, and is the leading technological solution on the market. iSolutionDesign has now been acquired by TechValue SpA, although Desys’ technicians continue to provide support to Siemen’s customer base and to the web portal Solid Edge Academy (, the only solid edge portal providing professional training in Italy, and is on the Linkersys collaborative web platform.

Our experience with iSolutionDesign has allowed us to reach a level of excellence in the CAD/PLM sector, and has given us the possibility of implementing, as Desys, important web projects based also on other CAD/PLM solutions, and to which we are capable of providing support, as SAP solutions regarding visual documentation are compatible with all of the leading CAD/PLM systems on the market.