Web Portals

A powerful CMS at your disposal

Web Portals

Desys, thanks to its great experience in software development for the web, tasks itself with following its customers in the creation of portals, using its own Linkersys technology; this means that our internet sites are realized using powerful administrative tools, which make possible the updating of content and web pages, without the need of having any specific information technology or software abilities. The client can decide to install the software "in house" or to "use it" in the cloud.

Every web project is born, grows, and develops through the intervention of multiple people, factors, and ideas. We are able to offer to our clients advanced web marketing services. If your company aims to grow on the web and utilize modern technologies to communicate with and acquire new customers, we can take care of all aspects of your on-line communication campaign. Our system was conceived to exploit the web to your advantage, assisting you in the management of communication with your customers, and helping you to acquire new ones. Our coordinated solutions allow the integration of SEO activity into a single service, social and brand identity communication. Our services include:

  • SEO activity (optimization and positioning on search engines)
  • Strategies of navigability and monitoring (cookies and retargeting)
  • Social Media (management of social site pages, and publicity campaign planning)
  • Tracking and customer-retention activity (DEM, live chat)

We can integrate our web portals with 3D catalogs and animations of any kind.