Virtual Reality

A true 3D application, in an instant

Virtual Reality

The challenge? To help our customers to transform their 3D creations from "flat" objects into true 3D stereo applications in an instant!

All of this has been made possible thanks to our partnership with the German company More3D and to the MoreStereo3D/MoreViz software. From furniture-planner software to 3D CAD applications for PC, it doesn't matter which application you are using; MoreStereo3D/MoreViz will instantly transform your object.

The stereo function applied to SAP 3D Visual Enterprise and/or JT Viewer leaves users speechless: from the commercial proposal of a product, to production, maintenance, training, and spare parts management; all of the stereo 3D is integrated into our Linkersys collaborative web platform. A powerful tool that can greatly valorize your business. You will have available a vast range of advanced effects and options for virtual reality in your company or for exhibition! 

The principal benefit is that there is no need to change the software that you are working with. The solution that we have adopted, and which we propose, allows you the freedom that you need, as it simply transforms your application into a 3D stereo experience. Anyone working with designer 3D software, from CAD designers, to production personnel utilizing the information, to people involved in after sales assistance, marketing and commerce, will immediately benefit from the advantages offered by 3D stereo.

Today MoreViz also functions with Oculus Rift and/or HTC Vive visors.