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App & Augmented Reality

It's no longer the future: today we can transport virtual content into the real world!

Augmented reality is the superimposition of information layers (2D graphics and videos, 3D, audio) on the real environment. These elements are added to reality by means of a station equipped with a webcam (workstation, PC, Mac), or mobile devices having a camera (Smartphone, Tablet) or special visors (Smart Glasses). The camera or webcam focuses on the surrounding environment. The software then re-elaborates the live video feed in real time, adding multimedia content which integrates into the context, or enhances it through tracking or geolocation. Our company works together with the most important producers of software in the world on these technologies, starting from the marketing phase all the way through to its use in the industrial manufacturing sector, and the results have been amazing. We have created apps which can run on any device or operating system, that connect the real world and link the content of our Linkersys collaborative web platform. 

This is thanks to the solid Partnership that we have constituted with the Austrian firm Wikitude, the world leader in AR technologies.