Document management

Reserved and protected documents

Document management

Our document management within our DPM (Digital Product Management) is realized using 2 modules of our Linkersys system: Library (a document library) and Job Binder (for the management of contract documentation).

What is a document library? Procedures, Standards, Quality Manuals, Reference Texts, Extracts, and User Manuals utilized in various company departments, as well as internal Legislation and Standardization regarding products and company processes. This patrimony of the company is available to everyone: employees, collaborators, suppliers, partners…A few clicks, and thousands of documents which can be immediately consulted in your company are catalogued into the system.

As regards, instead, contract documentation, we make available a single area for the uploading and downloading of project documents, with controlled access for everyone participating in its realization, both inside and outside the company. The visibility of the documents based on the roles of the people involved in the project guarantees, moreover, maximum security as regards the information. 

Wherever you are, it's enough to have access to the internet to upload or download data, photos, faxes, e-mails, and any documents relative to a project. Not only that, but once the project is finished you can also peruse the details of its entire history. 

We make available the possibility, within the module, of creating project diaries to annotate a contract's history; the data is then available to anyone having user privilege.